About Koye

Koye – The Mango Seed

The company gets its name from the seed of mango, the king of fruits.

The Mango tree has serious significance in our lives, especially in the western and southern part of India. The tree is known to grow to a good height and is the panacea of life, as its leaves are known to purify the air, better, than most other plants. They thus, also have religious significance and are used on all auspicious occasions in households across the geography.

The mango fruit is called the king of fruits for its wonderful taste. It has been aptly named so because of what it stands for and what it personifies. The mango is a great source of nourishment, and simply eating the fruit, besides benefitting from its nourishing qualities, brings the rarest kind of pure satisfaction and sheer joy. Not many are aware of the health benefits that this fruit has to offer.

We feel that the company appreciates and connects with every part of the Mango tree and therefore celebrates its seed, in the form of its name.

Koye strives to go the extra mile – to anticipate the needs of the people and provide care that exceeds expectations. Koye is set to grow widely, working towards a healthier and happier world. It is committed to heal, cure and provide general well being and happiness.


With collective experience of over 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr Preetish Toraskar and Mr Ravindra Y Shenoy have come together to fill in a crucial gap in the industry.

Koye was launched with an intent to seek, identify and introduce to the market, essential drugs in Primary Specialty Care areas that are overlooked by the national and the international pharmaceutical companies.

The promoters set up Koye to introduce healthcare with a difference. They endeavor to provide health along with happiness making Koye a humane product, taking care of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Vision & Mission


  • Koye’s vision is to be the best in providing quality healthcare products and services, towards a world of healthy and happy people.


  • Koye is focussed on making a difference to people’s health.
  • It aims to support the physician community in their quest to offer better health to patients.
  • Koye appreciates that a better quality of health is a seed to happiness, and thus by offering quality health products, intends to bring about happiness in people’s lives.
  • Koye aims to excel in its domain and be the best in the eyes of its customers, employees and competitors.
  • Koye is working towards this by offering quality products and services, so as to provide the best value for customers and consumers.


An organization is known by the values that its employees live with. Koye focuses on the humane values more than anything else.

The most important values that each Koye employee lives by are:

  • Integrity: Integrity is a core value, which we fondly embrace. Each employee of Koye will respect the commitment that we collectively as a company and he/she as an individual has to the society.
  • Respect (for the Individual): To respect an individual, is another core value, at Koye. To respect each other, is to respect yourself. It is a non-compromising value that each Koye employee will live by.
  • Speed: We believe that Speed is the essence of today’s world, and we will strive to be a responsive, nimble footed organization. We understand the role that technology plays in today’s fast paced world and embrace it wholeheartedly.
  • Teamwork: A team is always bigger, better, wiser, and stronger than an individual. A good team can make molehills out of mountains, and every Koye member appreciates the importance of teamwork.
  • Customer Delight: A customer’s smile is worth a million words. We will strive to work untiringly to get the customers nod for our products.

Promise of Quality & Trust

Koye cares

Understanding the responsibility of human life, Koye has a commitment to excellence. Koye is a market focused, process centered organization that uses its expertise to develop and deliver innovative science based solutions to its customers.

What is equally important to Koye, is providing a dynamic and challenging environment for its employees.

Koye’s Realm

Does good health equal happiness? Yes, research has shown it does. Health and happiness are inter-related. Koye has a range of unique and expert solutions to help one succeed in the quest for a higher level of physical and emotional well being. Koye focuses on improving health and adding to the joie de vivre.

To Koye’s advantage is a very dedicated team of highly experienced and dynamic professionals, who make sure that the high quality products reach a wide market, offering the best value for its customers and consumers.

The over 300 sales force is spread across the length and breadth of the country and covers a phenomenal number of doctors, specialists, hospitals and pharmacist all over the country.

On its part, Koye provides a motivating and professional work atmosphere that makes every team member an accomplished achiever.