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Mr. Ravindra-Shenoy

Founder & Director

"In any given situation, there are many variables that influence the achievement of the objective. However, not all of them may be under one's sphere of control. I simply feel that one should try and manage the ones that can be controlled."

A go-getter and a team player is how anyone would describe the versatile, Mr. Shenoy. Considered to be analytically inclined and far-sighted by industry experts, he is suffused with a sound understanding of intellectual property and finance, both vital aspects of the pharmaceutical business. Mr. Shenoy has been an industry professional for over two decades and has risen up the ranks, thanks to his sharp business acumen. From being an accountant to assuming responsibilities including those of a Joint Management Director and CEO of organisations with revenues of over Rs. 4000 crores, he has managed and contributed to every aspect of business growth. He has been deeply and intricately involved in all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Always smiling and composed, Mr. Shenoy believes that the smallest deed is better than the grandest intention which leads him to be a doer. He has been associated with leading business schools as a faculty and loves sharing his perspectives and enhancing his own learning.

He firmly believes that almost all organisations become what its human resources make them. He can comprehend current and predict probable levers that impact business and manage them optimally.