About Us

With a name that comes from the mango seed, Koye as an organisation nurtures all the vital parts of the tree - the trunk being our people who make us stand tall, the branches being our products that impact millions of lives, the lush green leaves being our network that covers the whole expanse of the country and the roots being the values and ideals of our directors that keep us strong. All these parts come together to give YOU the fruit, the fruit of HEALTHINESS!

Our Story

An eight-year young organisation, Koye in 2021 has operations that run across the length and breadth of India aided by its strong distribution network. The company employs more than 1250+ qualified ambassadors who meet up more than 80000+ doctors across the country every month. Koye has a strong foothold in different therapeutic segments with state-of-the-art scientific products in Speciality Primary Care, Respiratory, Gynaecology, IVF and Cardio-Diabetic segments.

Koye also has a formidable presence in the OTC, FMCG and Ayurveda segment. Koye endeavours to go the extra mile – to anticipate the needs of concerned stakeholders and provide unparalleled care that exceeds expectations.

As a custodian of good healthcare, Koye is committed to heal, cure and provide general wellbeing and happiness to people.

Our Mission

To provide world-class healthcare that gets recommended by physicians, referred by patients and chosen by partners.

Our Vision

To forever be in the pursuit of healthiness, thereby creating a world of happy and healthy people.

… where Health and Happiness, come together to provide you with Healthiness - the state of being vigorous and free from bodily or mental disease.

Healthiness is

...savouring your favourite food without any worries.

Healthiness is

...enjoying life for all the small and big joys it has to offer.

Healthiness is

..looking forward to those morning walks and the late evening discussions with dad.

Healthiness is

.. balancing work and life like one of the see-saw rides in your childhood.

Healthiness is

...welcoming fitness into your mind, body and soul.

… And in the endeavour to give you good health from the ever-changing and challenging health issues that keep rising in the modern day world, Koye Pharmaceuticals has committed itself to constantly remain #InThePursuitOfHealthiness.

Directors @ Koye

Mr. Preetish Toraskar and Mr. Ravindra Y. Shenoy joined hands in 2013 to nurture ‘Koye’ and take root in the Indian pharma industry. With a collective experience of over five decades in the pharmaceutical industry, both these visionaries seek to fill in the crucial industry gap via quality products and services that Koye offers.