The all-natural Swayos range from Koye has two categories- Aahar and Aushadh.

According to Ayurveda, if your Aahar (diet) and daily routine are not adjusted as per the change in seasons, the amas (toxins) in the body prevent the immune system from improving and becoming stronger. The Swayos Aahar range is designed with powerful ayurvedic herbs for immunity building, strengthening, nourishing and repairing of all the Dhatus of the body – the fundamental constituents involved in the healthy functioning and upkeep of the body.

On the other hand, Swayos Aushadh products combine the expertise of traditional ayurveda and modern probiotics to give you quicker relief and long lasting health solutions. Swayos Aushadh range is formulated with the combination of Probiotics and natural Ayurveda herbs, known as Proyurveda™. The Probiotics (beneficial micro-organisms) survive long time when blended with herbs because herbs are antioxidants. Such Proyurveda™ preparations exhibit enhanced activity and effectiveness without any side effects.

Probiotics are stimulated with the aid of Ayurvedic herbs and the Ayurvedic herbal activity is also enhanced due to Probiotics. This improves the efficiency of both Probiotics and Ayurveda herbs to cure diseases and help support functions of the organs in the human body.

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